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Zitat der Woche, 13.05.2013: „Männer machen Geschichte“?

Montag 13. Mai 2013 von Ш.Ю. Голц

In den hier zitierten Auszügen aus einem Interview mit Starregisseur Ridley Scott wird sichtbar, welche Positionen er zu Fragen wie Determinismus und dem Verlauf der Geschichte vertritt. Diese Positionen prägen sein Werk, das ihn zu einem organischen Intellektuellen mit enormen Einfluss werden ließ. Historienfilme wie „1492: Conquest of Paradise“, „Black Hawk Down“ und „Kingdom of Heaven“ sind zugleich Produkt, als auch Vermittler des hegemonialen Geschichtsbildes.

Das Interview stammt aus dem Jahre 1992. Interviewerin war Ana Maria Bahiana. [1]

Bahiana: „What areas of Columbus’s personality and of the socio-political background of his travels did you feel were paramount to your vision of his story?“

Scott: „Columbus’s personality was formed clearly by the times he was born into, an by his travels and experiences of the following years, through his childhood and early manhood. Clearly the socio-political background plays an enourmous part in forming his character and his views, like it does to all of us today. In that respect, people don’t change much: they are the product of their own enviroments.“

Bahiana: „How do you see ‚his times‘ and their uniqueness? Was Columbus, in your opinion, not only a product of his era but also a catalyst of the immense changes that were soon to come?“

Scott: „Columbus was one of those fortunates (or unfortunates) who are ahead of their time. Historicaly, they have had to pay a price for their ‚foward thinking.‘ His contemporaries were Leonardo da Vinchi, Michelangelo, Thomas More ... all men emerging out of darkness into light, all creators of this movement toward a renaissance.“

Bahiana: „You have been quoted as not being very patient with the current revisionist upsurge that tries to blame Columbus for every single evil that befell America. Could you elaborate on your point of view regarding his historical role as displayed in your film, and your opinion on this blame-assignment campaign?“

Scott: „Taking into account all I have said before, it is a pointless exercise to criticize him for his methods and results in the 15th century. He was a product of his times: what was considered ‚normal‘ behavior then, ‚socio-political‘ or otherwise, cannot be judged by today’s standards. He had not had the benefit of the following five hundred years of ‚colonization,‘ with all its brutality, to be the humanist he may have been by today’s standards.

Besides, we do not see much evidence of us having learned anything by our present performance, either last century or this one. If anything, it seems to be getting worse - except the world does now seem to have an humanitarian overview, so that we all hope and believe something will be done and there will be control. ... Will there?

[1] Laurence F. Knapp (Hrsg.): „Ridley Scott. Interviews“, Oxford (Mississipi) 2005, S. 84-85.

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